article "Sheriff: man admits shooting dogs"

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good point silly stunt. I haven't really read it but just the title & I probably won't have time even now to read. I was just multi-tasking & happened upon the article title & wanted to make sure others saw/heard you know? I shouldn't even be here now reading this but I should have left my computer chair 1/2 hr. ago. LOL I hate when this happens
Excellent point! He WAS stupid about it!

If he could lure them into his truck and drive away with them, then he could just as well have taken them to animal control and let the law deal with the owner. There's a very good chance he would have had money out of the owner, and he would have been on good ground to shoot the dogs if they ever showed up again. Now the owner has all the aces, and the man is STILL out 30 chickens.

I'm not that into animal rights. "Animal rights" usually means that the owner of the animal has the right to let his animal run rampant. But we really MUST give the law a chance to work the way it is supposed to, or we're just not a civilized country.
Gotta say the guy had the right to shoot the dogs
"under the laws of mt state anyway!I'd have shot them on the spot and tossed them in a ditch somewhere."close to a person I'm not fond of like the owners perhaps.
long rant our nearest neighbor, couple miles down the road, really nice guy, keeps his horses next to our property, so I know he takes care of his animals, his girlfriend was comming home and some dumb nut farther down the road had 2 small goats,tied to the fence, and knowing goats(they aren't to smart) one of them was strangling on the rope tying her to the fence. so robin got our of her truck and actually gave the goat mouth to mouth until it started breathing again, took both goats home with her, but went back and told the people either sell me the goats or I call animal control,(new people in town, didn't know we DON'T HAVE ANIMAL CONTROL IN OUR COUNTY)so they did. anyway she had 2 beautiful wolves she had raised from babies, and the man next door to our neighbor shot one of her wolves for running across his yard.(He has no animals of anykind,except children) anyway one night randy got really drunk, and went next door and dragged the man out into the road and beat the crap out of him, and told him if he shot any more dogs he would be back to see him. No more problems.
So i have really nice neighbors even if they live couple miles away.
"he has no animals of any kind, except children"

sorry, but I find that part right there amusing and accurate and sad all at the same time.
he wasn't within his rights to shoot the dogs. there was no active or pending attack at time he shot them and he blames the dogs for a previous incident when it could have been another animal. not the way to handle it. i think some people would rather pull a trigger than lay down some fence wire.
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