Artisan Handmade Soap--3 bars CLEARANCE SPECIAL!


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Jul 21, 2011
This is an after Christmas clearance sale. Price is normally $5.50 per bar and with this BuyItNow offer, you will receive a 10% discount!
Shipping is USPS Priority Small Flat Rate with tracking number.

This offer includes a three bar selection from the following soaps (pictured below):
Apple Jack & Peel
White Tea & Ginger

My soaps are made using Olive Oil (#1 ingredient), Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil (for lather), Avocado Oil and Safflower Oil. I use additives such as clays, goats milk and oatmeal. Some soaps also contain beautiful botanicals. Each bar weighs a little over four oz.

My soaps are gentle to your skin and will leave you feeling clean and soft.
Check out My Philosophy tab (on my site) for more information on why I make my soaps the way I do.

You may also find me on FaceBook (linking tab on my site) to read the reviews people have posted about my soaps.

I accept Paypal.





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I ordered from Goldenpuppy last week and absolutely LOVE my soaps. I got the White Tea and Ginger (I am using that bar currently) and got the Sweet Pear and Red Clover Tea! Even my husband likes these soaps a lot, which is really saying something. I love the density of the handmade soaps, they last much longer than commercially manufactured soaps, they are better for your skin and the environment too. I highly recommend these products!

Thank you for that glowing review!!
I'm delighted you are enjoying your soaps and extra happy that your husband thinks they are pretty nifty, too.
Pretty cool when the DH likes something his wife likes.

Don't forget I have a Citron Presse with your name on it!
No problem, I always try and let people know how I feel about their products. I'm one of those that will email a company with a complaint or praise...

I can't wait for the Citron Presse! I might buy several of those.. yummy
The woman I work for LOVES handmade soaps and she only uses Lemon scents in her kitchen, ususaly from Body Works. But those products are so harsh and bad for you, I will introduce her to your stuff.

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