Artistic Painters ( I need your advice)


11 Years
Jul 18, 2008
Central Florida
Do any of you do artistic painting?

I bought a bouncy horse (used) that I want to repaint to match my real horse. I could use any advice on the best way to do this!


What a cute idea! Can you use a background color that's a brown and then stipple a white or whitish color over it with a drier stipple brush?

I don't do much painting, so I'm sure you'll get more and better advice later.
I haven't painted any horses yet but I have several books on painting animals so I am going by what I think the books would say lol
Base in the lightest reddish brown color, then shade in the darker reddish brown areas. You could do more than 2 shades if you need to, but start with the lightest. Then stipple on a light grey, make sure the stippling is different size dots.

You have a beautiful horse! Thats one of my fave horse colors.

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