Arucana Bantam wheezing, trouble beathing

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    May 9, 2008
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    I have a little arucana hen that is having trouble beathing and can't not find a reason. We have only had her a couple of months and this is what I know about her:

    Older than a year - other than that age totally unknown.
    She only lays on occasion, so I am guessing fairly old.
    She came with two pullets ( matching [​IMG] ) they seem totally fine. All of my other chickens seem fine, as do my ducks - they all live together.
    Found no lice, or other kinds of critters on her.
    Has what looks like an old "bumblefoot" type of injury but isn't infected or hot.
    Nasal passages look clear, eyes are clear

    Just wheezing through her mouth really hard and comb is losing color.

    It was in the 90's today, but she has been staying under the coop - we had to squirt water under it to get her to come out. I did not notice the obvious wheezing this morning.

    She is getting weak. I put her in the duck pool we had just cleaned to cool her down just in case and she just sank into my hands.

    I have her inside now and she is sleeping in my lap.

    Please - any suggestions would be welcome to help solve this mystery - I don't think she is going to make it much longer.
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    I never find the little bugs on my chickens but I always treat for them anyway. I am assuming she is having a respiratory infection of some kind so she needs antibiotics. What do you have? Take an eye dropper and a water solution with a little electrolyte (touch of gatorade) or sugar and dribble on the top of her beak. Let her sip. See if she'll eat anything tasty like melon, bits of cherry, soft bread.
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  3. pbjmaker

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    May 9, 2008
    Central Iowa
    All I have is sulmet on hand. She won't eat - tried watermelon earlier. It may be that she is not used to treats. The three of them are not extremely people friendly and are just now letting me handle them at all. It's a bad sign that she is just laying on my lap. Her breath smells horrendous!

    I will see if I can get her to sip water - I am afraid of dripping it in her mouth at this point since that is how she is breathing and I don't want her to aspirate.

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