As much as everyone complains about USPS, just wanted to say


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well...first...we're not all bad.
But that's not what I intended to say.

I shipped two boxes of ducks out Monday, Express mail. From NC, one to NY and one to Alaska. We are in a small town and they only ever gurantee 2 day Express. I cannot remember them ever getting there quicker than two days, though every time i order chicks (priority) they get here in a day.

So imagine my shock when both buyers e-mailed me yesterday to let me know that they got their ducks and they all arrived great! In ONE day, including to Alaska. 3500 miles in one day. Can't beat that!

I know there are a lot of sad and bad stories out there and we always hear about those. It's not often that we hear the good ones, though.

(And before anyone says anything, the speed had nothing to do with it being an employee that shipped them, I promise!
I love the USPS...

I ordered my BYC hoodie and I asked Terrie to ship it with USPS ground snail mail service (i am cheap i dont want to spend the money on extra postage)

I got my hoodie in less then 10 days and I am in Canada..!! so that was record time...whe i e-mailed Terrie to let her know I got the hoodie she was suprised on how fast i got it.

USPS rocks!!!.... (UPS adds a $17 fee just to cross the border with a charge!)
Yeah, I know there ae plenty of bad ones. Unfortunately, all of the "bad" postal workers make most people lump all of the postal people together in one neat little "they are incompetent morons" package. It's not true, but it's easier to blame them all when you're angry and hurt. I understand, even if it's not the truth.
I know
I had to train mine to call me and not deliver anything when it said LIVE anything on the box
Our regular mail carrier is WONDERFUL! She brings boxes to the front door or carport (if we aren't home). I have her cell phone and her home phone number. She stopped by when I was moving in (moved in while hubby was deployed) and made sure I had phone numbers for the hospital, etc. She's great.

Now, the young gal that fills in for her when she's off is horrible, but with all the complaints on her, hopefully they'll eventually get rid of her.
Me too!! Our last one was great too, but this one is even better!! I do give him baked goods occasionally too, so maybe that's why!!
) ha-ha!!!
My small post office is super! They all know me by name ans always go out of their way to be sure everything is handled carefully for me while in their hands.
I know that not every postal worker cares but I think the majority do. It's just the "bad eggs" that spoil it for the others. That's a shame too.

, asher! Hope all your fluff butts are doin good
Our mail lady always left our packages tied to the mail box or just setting on top of it, rain or shine.. I was terrified when I ordered my first box of eggs, it was raining and freezing cold the day they was supposed to arrive, I could picture them setting their on top of the mailbox gettin all soakin wet and then freezing. But to my suprise she did bring them up, she honked and someone had to go out to get them. She brings dog bones for our 4 Aussies. She never has gotten out so I'm not sure what she would do if no one was home. She's also started bringin me my priority boxes that i order up to the house also. She could care less about "stuff" but eggs and chicken shipping supplies she "handles with care" LOL

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