As Requested 12 Plus Bad Azz SIlkie Eggs


10 Years
Jul 20, 2009
Evidently a 24 hour auction wasn't a good idea. I have gotten a bunch if emails and pm's telling me here you go...Definety the LAST of the year..I have to finish hatching for Jeremy and I for our spring birds. I partnered up with Jeremy and Christine about 2 years ago. Their flock has progressed nicely and they produced some beautiful birds this year.

12 plus Bad Azz Silkie Eggs...will be a mixture of bbs, lav /porc/splits, white and paints...all of my birds are SQ birds with no known faults..i am extremely picky with the birds i keep for myself..fertility great know the deal with USPS...will ship Tuesday or Wednesday depending on his the girls lay over the weekend...i try to be generous with extra...shipped 21 to batcave this week...Sandy they better be there by morning...can't guarantee that many again.. (sandy is just so nice i had to).

sorry about the quantity of pics but Bridle requested more


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