ASAP HELP NEEDED! Incubating and it looks like the membranes are not attached to the shells

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by moonflowerfarms, Mar 19, 2015.

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    This is my second time incubating eggs. Last time was a good success, but I'm worried about this batch. I have 13 rare breeds in there, 4 have hatched already (cream legbars--3 females and only one roo, yay!) One copper maran didn't pip, so I made a pip hole, and it was turned the wrong way and drowned I think. The others were already well on their way pipping. When I went in to get out the hatched chicks and clear away their shells, I took a quick look to make sure that everyone's membranes look good. Some do, but others, for a lack of a better word, seem to have fallen onto the chicks. I've attached a photo, but I'm not sure how clear the pic shows it. The membranes are separated from the shell and stuck on the chicks. There is some next to the shell in this photo, but then there is other membrane fallen on the chick. Another egg the membrane has entirely detached from the shell where there is space under it to fall. The membrane itself looks good--moist and with vessles in it still. But it is clinging to the chicks, and I worry about them getting stuck in the shell. I have been struggling to get the humidity where it should be. I live in Colorado, so its humid here if we have 10% climatic humidity. I've done everything that I can, water in the bottom (below the mesh platform they're on, of course), damp sponges and paper towels. The fallen membranes don't look dry. When I saw that, I got in with my tweezers and made sure that the membranes were cleared from their beaks. They are all still alive and cheeping. Is there anything else I need to do?

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    You have to give them time to hatch on their own. They have a lot of things that have to happen before they are ready to come out. Here is a link to read to help pass the time [​IMG]
    Good Luck with the rest of your hatch!
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    There are two membranes. What you see is normal.

    Right under the shell is a thick membrane that forms the foundation for the shell. It holds together the contents of the egg as the hen assembles it.

    The inner membrane is much thinner, and does not envelop the air cell. It didn't fall, it's right where it is supposed to be.

    Next time you peel a hard boiled egg, look for these structures. Meanwhile, let the chicks hatch.
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