Ascites? I need an abdomen-draining pep talk!


7 Years
Feb 23, 2013
Magnolia, TX
HI there - I'm pretty sure my 3yo production red, Silver, has ascites. A few weeks ago I noticed that her rear end was covered in poop. I washed her in a warm bath and her backside was slightly swollen and felt like a water balloon, which seems in line with an ascites diagnosis. Since then, she's lost most of her feathers back there and she's become slightly more swollen, but has been energetic and still eating. Today she seems less so, and hasn't been eating or hanging with the flock as much, and her comb is a little floppy.
1. Does this seem like ascites?
2. If so, I"m guessing I should drain her fluid. Can I get a pep talk? Haha. I love my girls, but inserting a syringe into their swollen butt and sucking out fluid is breaching my comfort level. :) Is this the best thing for me to do?

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.....


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