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    Jan 11, 2013
    We are just starting this adventure. We are in the process of building our new chicken coop. Hopefully, have new chickens in the spring. Any suggestions on the type of chickens to purchase for laying? I am sooo excited, but not as much as my children.
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    If you want friendly chickens for your kids and good layers, I would recommend Black Australorps, Orpingtons, and the heavy brown egglayers. Of course the Golden Sex Links (Red Stars, Red Sex Link) are excellent egglayers and are quite friendly to kids from my experience, they are a bit pecky to other chickens. We had a Welsummer who was very nice and then started to be a bit pecky to my kids.

    I had Buff Orpingtons and Golden Sex Links together and they got along great, but when I added Easter Eggers - the EEs were too timid and I had to get rid of them. But chickens are individuals and especially when raised together might get along grand for you!!!

    For example, we had a Wyandotte roo years ago who was so mean that I never want another Wyandotte but there are those on BYC who LOVE Wyandottes. So choosing a breed is so individualized.

    My Buff Orpingtons lay well, and are very heavy so they do eat more than say a Leghorn. But Leghorns are flighty. I recommend looking at Henderson's Chicken Chart (google it if interested), the breeds section of BYC, and the major hatcheries' information on breeds (McMurray, Meyer, MyPetChicken, etc.). Also has a lot of pics when you search the site for your breed.

    Basically, the Mediterranean breeds can fly pretty well. Over VERY high fencing. The heavy brown egglayers are the least trouble in that regard. The bantams that I have had don't lay as well as the large fowl, but they do eat much less and are so cute.

    Oh also- sometimes Orpingtons don't really lay that well for folks...just depends. I prefer the personality of the Black Australorp to that of the Orpington.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] from washington state glad yi=ou joined us!
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] from wawhington state gk=lad you joined us!
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    Greetings from Kansas and [​IMG]! Great to have you here! Enjoy your chicken adventure! Everyone - me included has their favorite breeds - I agree with the advice of ChickensAreSweet and the breeds mentioned. I will say that my Buff Orps and Black Australorps had a little harder time with the super hot summer we had last year - my Black and Red Stars seemed to handle it better. Whatever breeds you decide, have fun and enjoy!
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    Hello and welcome to BYC [​IMG] Glad you joined us!
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    Hi and :welcome

    Sex links are good laying breeds and pretty easy to take care of, we've had them for about five years now.
    Good luck with chickens!
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    Hello and welcome from glad you joined. Hope you find your perfect breed

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