Asian Beetles

I don't think anything eats them, they're mildly toxic and taste icky.

A google search reveals that squash bugs, assasin bugs, spiders and toads will eat them.
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Really? We have a fig tree that they SWARM for a few months a year and my ducks love them....the tree isnt particularly tall so I can reach up with a broom and smack them so they fall to the ground where the ducks basically inhale them. Its really fun to watch/participate in...although later on their poop has shiny green fragments in it (and sometimes hairy beetle legs
Are you sure it's Asian beetles they're eating? (technical name: Harmonia axyridis)

Ohhh....I thought the OP meant Cotinis mutabilis which a lot of people around here incorrectly call Japanese Beetles and sometimes Asian Beetles. Harmonia axyridis is commonly called a "lady bug" so...yea...sorry for the miscommunication. Just pretend I didn't answer

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