ASISIAN BLUE CHICKS? Ever heard of them??

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  1. Tractor Supply near us has/had? Asian Blue chicks in...I never heard of them..
    has anyone else and where might I look for a picture of them as adults?
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    Feb 20, 2014
    Idaho never heard of them. Are you sure that was the breed name? Can you describe the chicks. Do they have feathers on their legs? What color skin? What color feathers? Are the feathers like a silkies? How many toes? Feed stores are not always known for the best labeling. I can't find this "breed" on google so not likely they are properly labeled.
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    Could it possibly be Andalusian Blue?
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    Feb 20, 2014
    I clicked on this link you posted and it didn't work.
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    Apr 10, 2010
  8. They are pretty
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    I take it that they're a meat bird from the description and what they're lumped with, but the weights don't make sense for any meat bird to me and then, they're called dual purpose.

    Quote: That's basically Ameraucana size, unless they mean processing weight.

    What they breed to get them, not sure. Some new fangled thing they've come up with like those Tetra Tints.
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    Asian Blue Chickens

    The Asian blue Chicken is a relatively new breed, not certified by the APA. Considered a dual purpose breed, the Asian Blue Chicken breed can be raised for meat or egg production.

    The most striking characteristic of the Asian Blue Chicken is its blue/green iridescent hue layed over black and red feather pattern. Asian Blue Chickens are slower growing than most broiler breeds; males will reach 4-4.45 lbs in 12 weeks, while females reach that weight on average in 15 weeks.

    Male Asia Blues will reach market weight much sooner and the females will lay a good number large brown eggs annually. These Beautiful birds are relatively new to the market and as such are very rare among chicken owners.

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