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Hello everybody,

well, I'm going to talk to the point directly, I'm getting tired of fighting acne for years, I've search the web for this question, all I got are sites with article copy pasted from other source only for placing advertising
I realize that quality of sites are getting lower now.
it's a pain to search thorough them all.

then, I go to BYC, use its search function, with a keyword "acne" find out four results.

read through them all, many suggesting using chemical medicine / cream, many result in worse face

okay, a clear description is I've getting acne since about 5 years ago, it's annoying, 1 year ago, I use a cleanser and cream, those combination was powerful to clean up acne, but, I do realized that when I stopped using them, my acne start to grow out, it will going to be addictive, so I stopped using the cream but still using cleanser since it's good to get rid of oil.

the point is I want to know how to get rid this acne almost completely (I believe nothing's perfect of course) by using natural thing like fruit (orange, tomato or etc) or other natural and harmless thing. since we all know chemical/those factory made cream/medicine for acne can't be trusted fully (especially in this country, US FDA much better than our food and drug board that control these things) besides, natural (usually) means safer and saver

any suggestion, info or help?

thank you very much....

beg your pardon if there's any mistake in word/spell any rude considered word.
Even if you found a natural remedy to clear up your acne, it will come back after you stop using it just like the creams.

I've had it since a teenager, I'm now 44 and still have it, although it's not quite as bad. The best product I've used is protactive. The other over the counter products didn't work that well for me. I've used a few prescription products, but they're cost prohibitive.

I'm sorry that I don't have any suggestions for you, if you do find something, please post it!
a little bit confusing, since all I usually heard from people that acne will vanished naturally after passing *mature* age (about 30)

I do agree, many prescription and cream medicine good enough always cost high
, my cream alone price $10/ a very small jar

don't worry about it, I hope many will help us both since I think not only me that get this problem.

oh, I believe a natural way have a better future remedy, mean it will get rid the acne better while keep our body (in this case, skin) healthier which means few acne and perhaps even no more acne.
My husband has terrible acne and a lot of scarring, because he's had it for so many years. You wouldn't believe this, but if my husband stays away from gluten (bread, pasta, white flour etc.) his skin actually clears up.. Go on what I call a hypoallergenic diet. No gluten, diary, nuts, processed food, white sugar. Most people see improvement just from this alone.

If you'd like some more info just send me a message.
I have to agree with Fraurloth. So many dermatologists claim that diet doesn't affect acne. My personal experience says otherwise. I have very sensitive skin (eczema and rosacea), so there are not many creams I can even use. I do notice a huge difference when I am eating better (sugar is huge, and white flour products are no better, no fast food, etc). Exercise helps too. When I get in my "zone" - eating lots of fruits and veggies, not much sugar, and working out, it makes a big difference.

Try a restricted diet for a month and see what happens.

Good luck
Yea, I learned most of this too because I had eczema all my life. I had been rid of it for FOUR whole years until about five months ago when I got a round of antibiotics before the birth of my daughter. I broke out in a full body rash. It's finally cleared up, but it took a lot of diligence on my part. No bread, no pasta, no sugar. It's a lot of hard work.

By the way, think about drinking baking soda water (teaspoon per 8 oz) and buy a bottle of two of Chlorophyll.
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Sorry about the return of the ichies! My eczema is fairly controlled now as well. The baking soda water is interesting - playing with body acidity?

Sorry to steal the thread, OP! I did want to add that eating healthy fats helps as well (for the eczema too). Eat walnuts, flax seed, olive oil, fish oils. Dont go crazy - that can lead to other problems! LOL Keep other oils and fats to a minimum.

Yes, you are exactly right. Baking soda water helps with acidity. I do believe a lot of health problems are caused by this, but I think Eczema is mainly candida or a combination of dairy and gluten/yeast allergies.

Acid = Toxicity = DIS ease.

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