Asking Help: Hen with Swollen Tummy; abdomen

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    Hello! We have a dear friend at the farmer's market who brought me a hen whose lower tummy area is very swollen/bloated on both sides. She has not laid an egg today and she was isolated today (we don't know if she laid yesterday or not). She has ruffled feathers; and is a bit hunched in her stance (more horizontal than normal). When we turn her over she does open her mouth to breathe, but we felt that was stress from being "man handled". When just "hanging out" she is breathing normal. Bright eyes, no nasal discharge.

    She is about 9 months old, mature, already laying. She is a production red from the feed store, we assume she was vaccinated for Marek's.

    There are 14 hens and one busy rooster in the flock, the birds are free range and go in at night.

    Egg bound was a first thought, so she has been soaked for 30 minutes in a warm, soapy bath. Also, she has a nice, big poo...both dark and white...if she was egg bound could she still poo like that?

    Any advice, please respond! It is much appreciated.

    Well wishes to all.
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    Not ever had an egg bound chicken but we have checked for it with some sick hens using a gloved finger and KY jelly. All is available at the drug store. I'm told if they are egg bound you can feel the egg and try to lubricate around it very gently. From the vent the egg production comes from the upper parts, whereas the rectum goes down. Hopefully someone with more experience will post.

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