Asparagus recipes

blanch the asparagus until its tender
remove it from water and place in a frying pan with 1tsp of butter and 1tbsp of dijon mustard and coat the spears ...this is really good

or just boil it till its tender in water or beef or chicken broth..

bend the asparagus almost in half till it snapps...this will leave the bottom in one hand and the top in the other...throw out the bottom half (or give it to the chickens) this end it really tough and can be like eating a when you get used to working with it you can tell by the feel of it where to cut next time...also soak the tops in cold water for a while or you may get a gritty taste cause the sand can get trapped in the nooks and crannys of the tops
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Roasted Asparagus

clean and trim asparagus

preheat your oven to 400*

on a cookie sheet place asparagus, sprinkle with garlic powder, salt and pepper, then squeeze some fresh lemon juice over all pieces and a few glugs of olive oil (or other veggie oil) mix well with hands.

Place in hot oven for about 10 mins depending on how large the spears are. You can also do this outdoors on a grill--that makes them even better.
If by "seasoning" You mean fresh chopped garlic.... then yep it's delish

Coat spear with Olive Oil add some fresh chopped Garlic. Let them sit for a bit , 30 minutes room temp should do it. Grill and devour. I have a huge Asparagus patch and this is my favorite way to cook it.
Don't be surprised when you go to the bathroom later... I love asparagus but there is an after effect when you eat them.
It's harmless .... just startling when you first start eating it.


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