Assisted hatch....?

stellas mommy

8 Years
Aug 11, 2011
Even though I promised I wouldnt I just did one. The poor guy has been trying to get out of the egg for 25 hours. He didnt make any progress but the breathing hole. So I helped him out of the egg. Poor little guy is so weak from trying for so long. I hope hes going to make it.
I agree. As much as I never want to help, I always end up doing so. After all, sometimes the problem is in the incubator & the fool running said incubator (me) and not the chicken's genetics. That's how I justify giving them a fighting chance, anyway.
This is the little guy. Its one of my speckled sussex babies. His spot where he was bleeding has stopped and he is churping and moving around a bit now. Poor little guy.

Just went through the same thing, and didn't move quickly enough for one of mine. ;~( It's not like you're interefering with nature,incubators ain't natural anywho!
He will need more time in the bator to recover. FYI, you can use corn starch to stop bleeding. Just dab the bleeding spot with clean dry paper towel and dip his bum in corn starch. It is a safe and cheap alternative to styptic powder. Good luck little one.
I had to help one, it got it's back stuck to the membrane half way through zipping and just couldn't finish, there was no blood or other signs of distress and once I helped him finish the zip, he did the rest by himself. I did have to remove a little membrane from his back, but his brothers and sisters really took care of most of it.

4 days later he is one of the biggest of the 4 and doing great.
he/she is doing good for now. It is standing up and walking around the incubator a little then it gets tired and falls on its beak. Poor thing I got it to eat a little bit off my finger so I'm hopeful.
To help or not help is a personal choice. I don't know why people feel like they are doing something wrong if they help. So much of what we know about chickens comes from either the profiteered care of industrial flock or the old farmer who only sees chickens as food or product. The idea that you're helping the weak survive isn't 100% accurate. Hens have walked away from seemingly health chicks so even the instincts of today's overbred hen's can't be relied upon.

Congratulations on helping that little SS out. I'm sure it's glad you did.

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