Assorted Blue and Black Silkies Western Pa or Can Ship

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    I bought some really nice birds at the Ohio National, so now some of my less nice birds need to go. These are mostly culls, which I will try and describe below. I am going to try and get photos this weekend if the weather is nice. Prices for each are listed.

    3 Black Silkie Hens- $10 each
    Hen A is 3 year old, and has a small crest. Also not a perfect comb. Has raised a ton of chicks. Laying.

    Hen B is very similar to Hen A but is 2 years old. Also laying but is thinking about going broody.

    Hen C is the nicest looking but has brown in her hackles and not a great comb. Very nice crest though. About 2 years old. Slightly crooked beak.

    Will hatch anything type of girls [​IMG]

    2 Blue Pairs ( I think, no quarentees)- $15 each pair

    3 Blues are single combed, but otherwise okay. 1 Blue (who I think is a roo) has a correct comb, a tiny tiny touch of silver in his hackles, but otherwise looks good. All have 5 toes. About 5-6 months old. I don't care which way the pairs wind up as long as they go in pairs.

    I can ship for actual shipping plus $15 for a box, and the time it takes me to leave work and get to the post office. Or local pick up.

    Here are some older photos:
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