Assorted hens, Decatur, IL area

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    I am putting this classified ad for a good friend of mine who needed to downsize her flock down to manageable numbers. Pick up ONLY!

    The hens are of assorted breeds, RIR productions, red sex links, possibly black sex links, Australorps and some mixed breeds. Their ages ranging from a year old to three years old. All came from a hatchery. All in good health! $5.00 for EACH hen you buy.

    Please contact Ann McKinney, at the Rainbow Family Farm,

    2626 S. Lincoln Memorial Pkwy
    Decatur, IL 62522
    Phone: (217) 963-2312
    Email: [email protected] (make sure you put Wanted to buy hens on the subject line!)

    She will NOT ship, she was in the egg eating business and did 4H poultry shows in the last few years. She has decided NOT to renew her state license and will not be selling eggs for consumption.

    Let me know if you have problems with contacting her and I can email her.
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    Is anything still availible?

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