Assorted Partridge Colored Silkie Chicks Need New Home (Los Angeles, CA)


7 Years
May 25, 2015
I have four Partridge Silkies, ranging in ages from 4 weeks to 16 weeks, they all need homes.
I also have two Silkie Partridge chicks who got real bullied early on in life, one (apx 4 weeks old) got a couple of good pecks to the head and was stumbling around for a while, but it appears to be growing well and seems to be able to fend for itself well. The other chick (apx 8 weeks old) got its leg hurt, we splinted it, and somehow the entire little bird stopped growing! At apx 8 weeks of age it's still(!) the size of a newly hatched chick! It's tiny and feisty, with a "funny foot". It'll probably make a nice little pet, although I'm certain there will never be any eggs from this little camper... All birds are un-sexed. West Los Angeles area, CA
Picture shows the size and color of the chick with stifled growth.

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