assorted purebred started chicks for sale in Maine

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    Jul 9, 2008
    burnham, maine
    Polish crested, nice quality on most of them BUT the colors of the parent birds were mixed, i.e. some were blue, some were black w/black crest, some were golden laced..........quite a few blue chicks. $5 each well started outside w/o heat or lights.

    Silkies backyard quality not from super show stock. but nice colors including blues, well started outside w/o lights or heat. $5 each.

    standard Naked Necks aka Turkens. Most will lay brown eggs per the standard, but some were crossed with Americauna's and I have had some that laid the blue/green eggs. I also crossed some with my Black Sumatra because he's the only black rooster I've got on the place and I wanted the color.....I know it'll take forever to get them to the standard....but as long as all you're looking for is the Uber Kewl Naked Neck and brown eggs you'll prolly still like these. still inside though I no longer have the heat on. technically speaking these are not purebreds, but they all have the all important naked neck. $4 each.

    I would be willing to trade some of my Polish crested for Rhode Island Red and/or Barred Rock chicks or some standard frizzles of whatever variety.

    I prefer not to ship. Might be able to meet you part way if you're in Maine....
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    Jun 23, 2008
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    go check your other post bout the coops...I gotta question...

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