Assorted Roosters North Central Kansas - No Shipping or tell me how to


10 Years
May 26, 2009
Ok I will have to cave to the to many roostsers and as much as I don't want to here goes

3 Andalusain 2 blue 1 splash They are going after my son but it is his fault
MUST GO even though i specifically ordered them will try new ones next year

2 Black Lanshang

2 White laced Red Cornish and I would throw in the 2 hens also
( they don't do that much for me won't miss them)

If you twist my arm
1 Silver Gray Dorking
and I have several cochins I am debating but want to see how things go if I get rid of the others first but let me know if you would want them they just don't cause a problem as of now
1 Buff
1 Splash
2 Blue

Hatch Day April25ish
from Mcmurray and vaccinated for mareks and cocci I have not health problems with my flock that I know of

Price negotiable and can do pick up here or could drive to meet Salina, Grand Island, NE and Lincoln, NE would be reasonable or at least give me an excuse to go to town. I don't know how to ship but if you tell me could do it . Can post pics if there is interest.

I am pathetic
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