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Okay--so I have both a turbo fan & a still air incubator.

I put in three Light Brahma eggs yesterday after two days of making sure the incubator was maintaining 99.5 degrees.

At first, I had a humidity reading of 57%. Now, it's down to 25%. I've been adding water every time I turn the eggs (4 times per day). I also have a shallow pan of water in there & a sponge. Nothing seems to be helping! I'm at a loss!


After speding literally weeks trying to get the humidity up in mine I would say buy/beg/steal/borrow another reader and check your getting the same readings, even a 2.99 one as a second check. I awaiting a zilla unit to replace my flukers one, then I will use the flukers one in my brooder as I don't need humidity in there. But definatly check your reader, maybe the constant high humidity effectes the guages despite the fact they can read high humidity, I'm not sure they like being expised to it. The zilla has both the temp and humidity on probes so i can heep the unit out of the incubator, it may not be any good but I know my Flukers is WAY off by some 20%.
Try turning an odd number instead of 3 or 5 times a day... I do 3...

My humidity ranges between 40 to 50% first 18 days and then I try for 60 to 70% range...Hope this helps...
The probe does not read humidity. The accurite body must be in the bator to read the humidity. Is the entire thing inside of the closed incubator?


Well, I'll move it in there when I get home's only been since Sunday that the eggs have been in there & I've been misting them....the two windows have condensation on them, so I think it's humid enough....

Your 60 to 70% humidity is for the last 3 days of incubation...if you have condensation on your windows this early its too high...40 to 50% range first 18 days for chicken eggs...

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