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    My family and I are faced with some challenging choices. Currently I am living in Western PA, yet we are faced with potentially having to move back to our old house in Temple PA. (right outside the city of reading, Muhlenberg school district) where I have lived most of my life. Currently I have several chickens 6 ducks a turkey several quail and a guinea. Faced with the move I was told we will build a new coop there, yet I do not know how many birds I could keep, if any. Does anyone know where I can find information on being allowed to potentially keep poultry in that area? Worse comes to worse my birds aren't loud and are friendly, a high fence might solve that problem. Thanks everyone, I desperately desire this information. I am a little broken on the inside.

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    Here are a few links I found:

    Above is the link to the ordinances for Muhlenberg township, pretty sure Temple, PA falls within this district. Under Section 47-4, it looks like "domestic agricultural animals" are allowed only with permit, and city officials have the right to inspect where you will keep the animals. "Domestic agricultural animal" is defined as "Any nonwildlife or nonexotic species altered through controlled breeding for the primary purpose of agricultural use or farming purposes is strictly prohibited," but 47-4 allows for keeping them with a permit.

    And there is this information on Reading:

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