At what age are Emu chicks fox-proof?

Samantha Stevens

May 20, 2021
Dorset, UK
I have 3 emu chicks., they're 3 months old now, and live outside. But at the moment we're putting them in the large* chicken run overnight to protect them from foxes.
I live in the south of the UK, so foxes are the only predators that we have to worry about.

At what age are they safe from attack, so we can let them stay outside full-time?


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In the Brooder
Feb 24, 2021
I am from UK also. I just picked up my first emus. My misses hates my emus and rhea :lau. I have a rhea that is bigger than your emus and I still think a fox would get her if it was motivated enough. She lives outside in an acre paddock with my shetland sheep. If a fox does go in the sheep go mental and the rhea has a lot of room to run around. From looking at the picture of your run it looks like it open so a fox could jump inside? Your emus getting cornered by a fox would be my biggest concern thats why I am more relaxed with the rhea being out in the large paddock as lots of room to escape

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