at what age are roosters able to "cover" a hen?

I asked a similare question awhile back about rooster maurity/fertility. I never got an answer, so I will be watching this to see if my question is answered by yours!
Mine are "practicing" right now lol. They are about 10 weeks old. We won't have any eggs yet for a while though. Hope that helps!
Mine are 13 weeks old and I just caught my roos try to mount the hens and each other. ROFL!! The hens were lying on the ground sunning themselves and the roos were trying to mount them.

When the other roos were lying on the ground, they were trying to mount them too!!

Quite the show they put on for me today! LOL

sounds like males can fertilize an egg at the same age that females can lay them

now time to talk the wife into letting us keep our roo long enough to cover our hens and get a hatch out of them
When do hens start being receptive? My Roo is courting one of my hens for all he is worth. She will NOT submit. She's probably 10 weeks old and basically is benefiting from his generosity and protection, but ain't givin' it up. My 6 week old hen is scared to death of him.

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