at what age are treats ok for chicks?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Soot the silkie, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. Soot the silkie

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    Sep 19, 2014
    Humboldt, California
    Hi, last year when I kept chicks I just winged how many, when and much of treats to give, and I don't know if I did it right. My chicks are nine days old and I want to give them sliced fruit, and maybe pasta. But I was wondering if I had to buy grit or if I could just give them dirt with tiny rocks in it as grit. I'm also wondering whether I can give them small amounts of bread and pasta at this age, because I know stuff like that isn't really good for them. Thank you for any input!
  2. RJSorensen

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    Everyone probably will have their own thoughts of this… I usually hold off until the third or fourth week. Any seeds you give them will of course require grit. Bread and pasta is not a very healthy offering, but in small amounts it should be ok. I suppose with the experience you have, you will do fine, and it is good to see you looking out for your birds.

    Best to you and your birds,

  3. MisfitMarie

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    Oct 20, 2014
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    ^ x2. I've heard all kinds of ideas/opinions on this. I wait a few weeks; although, I do sometimes give babies scrambled egg bits or a tiny bit of plain greek yogurt earlier than that. But those are the only two treats I will give them.

    After a few weeks, I put a little bowl of "chick grit" in there and start introducing them to fresh berries, lettuce leaves, etc.
  4. Soot the silkie

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    Sep 19, 2014
    Humboldt, California
    I did more research on this and a lot of people give treats at a younger age. So today I gave them clean dirt and apples. Also some puffed rice.
  5. kmartinez

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    Jan 9, 2015
    I didnt give any treats or other food until they knew what they crumbles were..I fed mine almost on week 3 leafy greens. But during their 1st week, cottage cheese or boiled egg to pep them up cause they were mail order. I give cooked oatmeal sometimes. I offered mine grit our ground froze with ice on it so i wasnt digging some soil up..

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