at what age can you tell male/female turkey apart?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by allmypeeps, Sep 5, 2012.

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    I have 4 pet Narragansette turkey that are about 3 months old....snoods are all small, necks are just starting to turn reddish with a hint of blue/gray? but heads are still kind of sprinkled with tiny feathers. No one has attempted to strutt or display. I was hoping for 2 of each sex but I think I have all one- just not sure which. No one is making any distinctive sounds yet either...

    When do the snoods develop- at what age should I be able to tell what sex I have by external features.

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    By 12 weeks you should have a good feel. Tom narragansetts will be darker than hens, and the breast feathers will appear dark-tipped. Hens will have light tipped feathers just like bronzes. If none of the snoods have elongated yet, it sounds like you have all hens.
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    I agree with LAGERDOGGER if you don't see a major difference in them in size and snood size you may have all Hens unless you have a late bloomer I had 2 that I thought were Hens at first but finally came in to bloom.
    This is not a problem unless you wanted to breed them and if you do .
    Keep your fingers crossed or keep an eye out to buy a Tom.
    Good luck.
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