At what age do dogs become incapable of breeding? (4-H question)

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    I'm not breeding any dogs - I just want to know what the answer to this question is as I'm in 4-H Showmanship and I know someone in my class got asked the question, "How long can a dog breed?" So, does anyone know the answer to these questions:

    How long can a female dog breed?

    How long can a male dog breed?

    How long should you breed a female?

    How long should you breed a male?

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    First, should and can are two different things. And that is how my daughter often answered the question in 4-h. A responsable breeder will do differently than somebody in it for the money.

    How long can a female dog breed?
    A grump is fertile with every season. The length of time she has her seasons is variable on the breed and how often she cycles. Some females cycle every 6 month, some 4 months, and in the case of a couple breeds, only once a year (Basenji ... many still run on the African cycle even though domesticated). Also remember that fertility level decreases with age ... a grump who produced 8-10 at 2, may only produce 2-3 at 6.

    How long can a male dog breed?
    Once again, this is a variable answer. Different breeds have different life spans and can produce to different ages. Mix in the technology of late, and there was a Weimaraner who was well into his 20s and still producing (he had died at 9!). But, as a rule, many males start to loose mobility around 7-9 years (larger breeds). The other variable is health of animal. A healthy 8 year old may still produce, but an animal that has not been taken care of may not.

    How long should you breed a female?
    The is breeder/breed specific. We (I am a second generation dog handler) only breed a grump 2-3 times. We only breed once a year to allow for the grump to regain proper health. We also do not breed until she finishes her AKC championship/show career and has passed the appropriate OFA or health certs. This puts the starting point after 2-3.

    How long should you breed a male?
    Again, the above criteria is what we follow. While a 6 month old male can produce ... should he? How do you know he will be of proper breed standard just because he is "a promising puppy"? We do use males a little longer than females, since the process is not as stressful or demanding on their body!

    hope this helps and good luck. And it is just one woman's experience/opinion ...

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