At what age does a lead chicken establish herself?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by farmerinKC, May 24, 2011.

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    May 5, 2011
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    I am new to chickens-learning a lot here. I have been watching my nine girls-five 6 week old golden comets-two 5 week old buff orpingtons and two 5 week old ameraucanas. I have been watching them to see if there is some sort of a leader emerging yet-doesn't seem so. The golden comets are huge compared to the other four even though they are only a week older. I was worried to leave them in their run yesterday when I left to do some errands-because it looked like it might rain. I thought-well they will just go under the coop for cover if it does. It didn't rain yesterday-but there was a downpour earlier today-I was watching them through the window when it started and they just all huddled up in one corner of the run in the pouring rain-completely frozen in one spot. I ran out to shoo them up the ramp, but they then ran under the coop instead. I am anxious to see what happens the next time it pours. I was just hoping one would take the lead in these situations. Are they too young to have a leader?
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    They are not to young to have a leader, the leader just dosen't have life experience in the rain yet. Keep watching them, I'm sure you will see something soon.
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    Tallulah's been in charge since week three, and there's been no doubt since that she will remain HBIC.
  4. Agree. The leader appears rather quickly. However, she doesn't have any more experience than the rest have. They all gain experience and maturity at roughly the same rate. The leader, the queen bee, the alpha pullet-hen, however, is in every way the boss.

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