at what age will i know the sex?

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    hi all,

    we have some bantams (cochin and brahma) and about 12 rhode island reds. they are about 8 weeks old. the RIRs i assume are all roosters because they were sent free from mcmurray in order to keep the few bantams we ordered warm during shipment.

    the bantams were sold straight-run, so i was wondering at what age will we be able to know for sure whether they are males or females? and if i can tell at 8 week, what would distinguish a male from a female? i want to know about the bantams for sure, but i would also be curious whether and of the RIRs might turn out to be female.

    thanks in advance,

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    Hi There,
    I am not an expert and I had RIR's as a 4-H project over 25 years ago and have just gotten baby chicks a week, I am a "new egg" like you! From all the reading that I have done and conversations with friends who have chickens. It is my understanding that you should be able to tell the pullets from cockerals (my 11 yr old corrects me when I call them hens and roosters...saying "Mom they are called pullets and cockerals until they are a year old. LOL)...the cockerals should have a longer more pronounced comb, longer wattles and longer tail feathers. I would suggest doing a google search images for the breeds you have.....there are some great pictures and illustrations that show the difference between the two! Another suggestion, and I don' know if it will work with 8 week old it is suggested as early as 3-4 weeks....the "old hat trick" if you have them in a coop....or put them on your kitchen floor if they are not outside yet....give them a couple of minutes to acclimate and then drop a hat in the middle of the room....the pullets will run or lay down where they are...while the cockerals will stand their ground and look around.

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