At what outdoor tempurature do you get concerned about overheating ?

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    Feb 6, 2010
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    What is considered "too hot" for them to stay happy, non-stressed and healthy ?
    Maybe if you could also comment on humidity vs. temps, it could be helpful too.

    Obviously, good ventilation, not overcrowding, cleanliness of coop/run, plenty of available shade, and plenty of fresh water, play a major key role here.
    Those are all "Givens", of coarse.

    My question is directed more specifically to the heat of the day, (Tempuratures in a well shaded, ventilated, clean, etc....), in the coop and/or run.

    I have just covered the top of my 12' x 24' run with some of the Bamboo/Reed rolls of fencing that many people use around their patios, backyards, etc., as a semi-privacy curtain. It works VERY well as a shade cloth for the run, and it looks nice too. kind of like a Tiki-Hut.
    I would guess-timate that it blocks 50% to 60% of the sunlight from hitting the ground, AND it does not reduce any natural airflow within the coop or run.

    Also, I am leaving the entire front of the coop itself, open, from sun-up to sun-down. So I am confident that the girls have PLENTY of Shade and Ventilation.

    I'll take some pics and post them up if anyone would like to see,... but I did'nt want this thread to be interpreted as a "Coop construction/maintaince" thread. It's not.

    It's about, exactally what the title ask's...

    At what temprature, do you start getting concerned about the chickens becoming overheated or stressed ?
    (and again,.. any comments reguarding the accompaning humidity would also be appreciated).

    I'm also about to complete a overhead misting system throughout the entire length of the shaded run area.
    It is the same system that many of us use, to cool down the patio areas of our homes.
    If anyone would be interested,
    I would be happy to do a show and tell, in the "Coops Construction" forum, and will include recorded temps with and without the misters running.

    So what say you all, in reguards to the questions here ???
    ...and the "Girls"- Helga, Ruby, Misty, Goldie, Madonna, and Sharonna [​IMG]
    ( I didn't pick their names,.. I have a 9 y.o. daughter. That pretty much says it all )
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    It was 113 here today. Our chickens were alert and active all day long. We provide lots of shade.... water with ice chunks in it..... a mister and a large fan in the hottest parts of the day. We also give them cool treats in the late afternoon to help cool down. So far we have gotten as hot as 116 here and they have done pretty well.
  3. they'reHISchickens

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    Oct 31, 2008
    I think it depends on how they are conditioned to it.
    During the hot spell we had in the NE last week, ( 3 days of 100 +) all mine were panting constantly and staying in heavy shade. We had water everywhere for them and they free range. When temp lowered into low 90s they were fine again.
    Tonight we are again approaching mid 90s and HUMID and I saw panting again close to evening.
    Seems like youngsters tolerate it better than adults.
  4. NWChicks

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    Mar 3, 2010
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    I definitely think it depends on what they're used to. I'm in the PNW and we have had a very cool spring and start to our summer. On the 4th of July it was in the 60's but by the next week we were all cooking as it climbed into the 90's. At my house it was 98 and my birds were panting hard! We're just not used to it here. When you have a 30 degree difference in temperature almost overnight it's a bit hard to take, for bird or human! We're back down in the mid 80's now and the birds are much cooler though I do notice certain times of the day are harder on them (direct sun on the run even though I have provided shade. My DH will be making two daytime tractors for me this weekend so I can move them into shady areas since we can't free range here.

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