At what temp outside should i not let her hatch her eggs?


Southside Silkie Shack
10 Years
Jun 18, 2009
SW Ohio
Ok i jsut ordered some eggs and was wanting one of my hens to hatch them for me. it is starting to get cold out and i didn't no if there is a certain temperature when they can't hatch them or something? i don't want the eggs to go bad. does my question make since?
I had a hen go broody during the icestorm this year - she hatched out 3 of 8 eggs, even with the cold weather.

I would want to wait for a little warmer temps, but it might not be too bad this time of year. Cold they can handle better than snow or ice/rain. I guess it depends on if your chickens freerange or are in a run/coop.


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