At which age will a Rooster start crowing?

Well, it sounds more like "Buh-REET!". The first time it happened, I told my DH that we had one weird chick, that it stretched up its neck and made this weird trilling sound. He did it over and over and finally, the next day, my DH said, well, he looks like he's crowing. BINGO! Sure enough, he was. It was a black Ameraucana, a definite rooster that I kept for a long time. The second one I had crowed at seven days old, a Lt. Brahma and a third was one of the BBS Orpingtons, all were male.
we just watched "Home on the Range" last night and in the begining there is a rooster sleeping on a roof and a little chick comes up and crows really loud and the roo falls off the roof...

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