Attack by dog....or rooster??

buckaroo's wife

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Dec 10, 2009
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I posted this in the injury section as well, I'm not sure where to post it!

I have 5 seventeen week old hens. Came home the other day to a yard full of feathers and I feared the worst. I found them all alive. One was completely unscathed, 3 were a little worse for the wear (missing feathers, roughed up, etc.) and one has a huge bald spot on her back and at least one puncture wound. I concluded that it was a neighbor dog that must have done it, but now I'm second guessing. Wouldn't a dog have killed her if he caught her? My neighbors across the road have a rooster, and now I'm wondering if he made his way into my yard, and HE roughed them up??? My chickens free range, but usually hang out in my pasture with my horses or near their coop (right next to the barn). A dog could have gotten to them but I'm just wondering why, if a dog did, he didn't just finish the job.

(Injured hen is still mobile and not acting like she's in shock...)

What do y'all think?!?


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Jun 15, 2008
Not every dog will kill chickens. My akita doesn't kill chickens. She just pins them down, pulls some feathers out to hear them squawk and then let's them go. The neighbors aussie shep pays a visit occasionally and chases but doesn't kill chickens. My mom's shelter mix will grab chickens and carry them around as well as having pulled out my roosters tail but all of them have come out of it uninjured. Now our shiba has gotten chicken killing down to an art. In the time it takes you to turn around and see what that noise was there will be a dead chicken. Dog attacks do not always follow the same pattern because different dogs will react to chickens differently. Even one that's willing to chase may not kill and some dogs like bird dogs will grab a chicken and not leave a mark before releasing it.

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