Attack by rooster, raccoon, cat? Or just molting.

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    Walking out to my coop seeing a large pile of feathers on the ground, just thought oops one down. (I have free range chickens during the day) I noticed what feathers to the young hen I walked around and there she was just doing her normal thing but when I tried to catch her I noticed she had a gimp. I have a outdoor cat which is known to chase the chickens for fun but never to attack, we have a pack of raccoons that we are quickly ridding of (caught and killed 5 already), and I have a large black copper maran rooster that is quite large compared to the young hen around 6 months old. Just wondering what it could be? I doctored her up because she was bleeding and gave small amount of antibiotics just in case she got a puncture or scratch anywhere that I missed. Photos to follow.
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    If she was bleeding, something attacked. Raccoon and cat are possibilities as is opossum, weasel, dog, hawk, etc..
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