? Attack chickens ?


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Ok Some time in the middle of the night something got attacked ! I counted and checked all my chickens, turkeys and ducks, I then checked my old ugly cat,, no blood !
Now you might say that something attacked something outside ( lots and lots of blood, and some chunky stuff too )
I wonder if I have that special breed of attack Chickens or Turkeys? no, I would not assume it was the ducks ( limpy, gimpy and bob ) way too mild mannered and handicapped .
Has anyone ever encountered this special breed of attack chickens?? Should I worry about an uprising and wear some special kevlar pants when I go back in there to clean??
It might be a rat. You may think, "A rat? That can't do much harm!" But they can. Rats are vicious. And if the poultry was raised together, they probably wont attack each other.

I hope this helps.
Check out the feather or fur, what is it? Does it match your birds? Did a raptor fly into your fencing? Count yourself lucky and check your set up for possible entry points and treat the girls right, maybe you do have a .... NINJA TURKEY!
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No feathers or fur, just blood and a couple chunks of bloody stuff, could they have eaten whatever they killed???? Ninja, attack carnivore chickens?? Just Sayin

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