Attack Rooster Chicky Poo's reputation & and the meat salesmen

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    Nov 16, 2010
    My mother's Silver Sebright (he was a half breed but we never told him-the others are pure bred) was a VERY agressive attack chicken. He was pretty much known all over our area, even making the local newspaper. The postal carrior has had that rooster chase his truck down the road. The telephone man has been attacked as well (of course our local telephone company enjoyed razzing him when he got back--yes, I called them to let them know) So because of Chicky Poo's reputation, he was a respected animal by many who cowered in their vehicles.

    This story happened last year, probably in the summer of 2009. Chicky Poo died in October of 2009. Henny was a pure bred Silver Sebright and a very good mother and David and Fonnie were her babies. (Henny and Fonnie fell victim this year 2010 to a horrible preditor)

    So here is my story of that summer day in 2009:

    Today when I was out with my mom, Henny, David and Fonnie we decided to stay near the chicken mansion. We have cement blocks and pavers lining the pen so nothing sinister gets in. Henny loves it when you pull up a clump of grass, she waits for you to do it, then she along with her youngsters come along and dig for bugs. When you go to the next clump of grass, she stands waiting on that one too.

    So tonight I pulled back a cement block and she was there waiting. I bet there was about 5 dozen rolly polly bugs; all ending up as supper for Henny, David and Fonnie. There are 5 and a half blocks to pull up so one by one I pulled them up for them to feast on the worms and bugs. They saw a little frog and they stood back startled making their scared sound. They passed that up. I put the blocks back one at a time, exciting them further to get the ground where it was. I repeated this process about 5 more times.

    Keep in mind that Chicky Poo was still in his pen because he will attack me.

    I'm standing on the side of the pen nearest the road and here comes a white pickup truck with a meat freezer in the back: meat peddlers. I"m thinking, "Oh great, just what we don't need."

    The guy in the passenger seat got out and said Hi to me, then paused, adding, "Is that chicken out?"

    I pointed to the pen and said, "No, he's in the pen."

    The guy made a couple more steps. I pointed to the other side of the pen and I added, "But I have one in training."

    The little full blood rooster named Wooly Bully who thinks he's tougher than home-made nails started for the truck at full speed. The guy backed up against his truck, slid past the door, opened it up rapidly and got in all the while saying, "Okay. That's all I need to know, I'm out of here!"

    And they left.

    The not very bright men backed that truck out in the road with our dog Oscar barking at it, the rooster Wooly Bully chasing it and a car that was coming slammed their brakes on to avoid hitting them. I didn't get their license #, they were probably from DC.

    David, Fonnie and Henny:
    David, Fonnie and Henny
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    A rooster with a serious street cred!! THAT is AWESOME!!!
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    Tha's THE CUTEST THING! [​IMG] [​IMG] I can just see the mailman running down the street now ... [​IMG]
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    Rochester, NH they ever have to stop delivering mail to your street because of those roos?! [​IMG]

    one of the cities in our area did it because of a dog that was always loose. they put up a fence for the owner but it still doesn't stop the dog from trying to get to the mailman!

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    Nov 16, 2010
    We're on a rural route so the mailman was relatively safe in his truck. I've had my mother's chicken, Chicky Poo, fly at my head while I was "safe" in the car with my window down looking at him. My mom started keeping Chicky Poo in his separate pen when a chicken hawk started flying overhead, plus it kept the people who thought they were being brave by getting out of their vehicles from kicking him to defend themselves. Chicky Poo died at the ripe old age of 5 in October of 2009.

    My mom doesn't have any aggressive roosters right now, unless you count David biting your hand when you get too close to him while digging up bugs for him.


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