Attacked by a fox and then pecked 'til bloody by rooster

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    Apr 29, 2009

    Two days ago a fox got to the coop and killed 2 hens, a third one seems to have been shaken but not killed. I took her out of the coop for her to recover. She is bright eyed, does not eat, her pellet are OK but she would rather be left alone. This morning, I thought she might be recovered enough to put her back in the coop. As soon as I left her there, the rooster made a bee line for her and started to violently pluck her, she tried to escape but he chased her and carried on. It lasted only a couple of minutes before I got to her, I thought he had killed her. He was very violent.[​IMG]

    What happened? What would explain his behaviour and how can I help her? She is less than 25 weeks old and is quite young. He is also a young cockerel (He does not have his back claws yet) but he is quite aggressive? Is he likely to get worse as he gets older?



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    Feb 5, 2009
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    She probably became the low one in the pecking order by having been out for a while. I understand there is a difference between pecking order and violence. The roo may not understand this, however. I might try once more, and then I am afraid the roo would become soup.

    No mean roos allowed here.
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    keep her in a serpate cage w/ food and water where she can sitll be viewed but not touched. They have to visually get familiar with each other again and then he should calm down.

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