Attacked by dog... won't eat

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    I am taking care of a friend's pullet who was attacked by a dog (because she can't deal with the wounds and I don't have a problem with this.) The attack was two days ago. Her back is a mess, with a couple of puncture wounds and a large skin tear that goes from the dorsal midline down to her right thigh. The wounds look as good as can be expected; she is on antibiotics and twice daily warm soaks, flushes, and wound-dressing.

    Problem is, today she is not eating and looks more depressed. Also, she is lame in the right leg.

    Has anyone force-fed or tube-fed chickens? Any pointers? I think she has a chance of healing if she can get through this first week.

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    Dec 14, 2009
    I've heard of it, but wouldn't recommend based on how easy it is for them to aspirate. What have you tried to feed her?
    With the advanced wound care you are doing, I'm sure you're feeding her well, but does she have Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother in it, in her drinking water? If not that, then are you using vitamins and electrolytes? Or do you have Poly-vi-sol without iron? If you have the vitamin (baby) drops, you can dribble a few drops along her beak daily to give her a boost. As far as food, you can hard-boil an egg and giver her the crumbled up yolk, or scramble an egg and mix in a small amount of yogurt, and maybe a little applesauce and see if you can feed her that.
    Good luck with her.
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    Jul 31, 2010
    in addition to your attack im going to do a little thread hi-jacking, my hen just got attacked half hour ago by my @$^!#%^& dog. anyway... her injuries are similar to tellynpeep's situation. i plan on putting a gauze pad on her back where the skin was torn, what should i do with the skin flap? what other ideas do you guys have? (im gonna follow telly's lead)
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    Jul 31, 2010
    she passed today [​IMG] her name was Runaway and she was an EE who gave us green eggs
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    So very sorry...[​IMG]

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