Attacked by dog


6 Years
Sep 10, 2013
Hello peeps, I have been all through the site looking for info on how to treat my laying hen, but I just can't quite find what I am looking for so I am pleading for help.
Last Thursday (5 days ago) I came home in the evening to find that one of my hens had been "attacked" by my dog (first offence...I was NOT a happy dog/chicken momma)

It didn't appear that she had been picked up and shaken, more of just him getting excited around her and pulling out her feathers. In doing so he also ripped open her skin in a couple of patches on her back - about quarter sized lesions. I put her in a "hospital" bin in my house with some warming bags for the night. I then gave her a lukewarm Epsom salts bath the next day to wash out the wounds. They seem to be healing beautifully, no oozing or infection noticed. However, she is still not eating much at all. Maybe about a teaspoon worth of food per day, and next to no water. I have been offering her plain scrambled egg, plain yogurt, diced up fruit and of course her laying mash. I let her free range alone in her regular enclosure yesterday for the afternoon in hope it would stimulate her to be herself. I think it helped a little, but I have to bring her in at night to keep her from the rest of the flock.
I have an antiobiotic/vitamin premix called Super Booster (made by Vetoquinol) but the directions on the package are for an entire colony of poultry, not just one solitary bird.
At 5 days post, should I start force-feeding her water with the Super Booster? If so, how much and at what concentration? Other than the lack of eating, she is still somewhat alert and mumbles at me. How do you measure chicken dehydration?
I thank-you in advance for your help and advice!
I am not sure about the feeding part you are already doing what I would. On her wounds very important keep flies away. Even if inside. They will lay eggs in the wound if given the chance. Antibiotic ointment without pain reliever. Maybe try some pedaylite for hydration. I have a girl who got attacked by a dog even lost an eye but healed beautifully.

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