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    Aug 1, 2012
    Recently a chicken of mine was attacked by either a dog or owl. She survived ok but with a sizable cut right above her leg. Not sure what to do, should I try to treat it or maybe it would be better to go to a vet? Thanks.
  2. Alaskan

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    You will want to wash it out well, even just soap and water work very well.

    If it is in a spot that other chickens will peck at, then you need to move her to where she will not be pecked, or use one of those wound coating ointments. Also, I think if you have lots of flies you would need to put something on it too.

    If it is a big flap of skin, you can sew it closed with needle and thread. I used cotton thread so that it would absorb/ disappear and I soaked the needle and thread in the strongest alcohol I had.

    If she is going to die of shock, it will usually happen the first night. If she makes it past that she will most likely be fine.

    Oh, you should also keep her someplace warm and quiet.
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    Alaskan The Frosted Flake

    I should have added, if she is a pet, then maybe it is worth it to you to take her to a vet. Your choice.

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