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    Sep 30, 2012
    My chickens were attacked last night. A stray dog came and destroyed my coop. Chiquita, one of my hens, was almost completely unscathed, except for a scrape on her foot; however, Lil, my other hen, was not as lucky. The dog was able to grab her by the chest and puncture it, scraped part of her head, and left her extremely shaken. The only reason that she is still alive is that my mother heard the commotion outside and was able to run the dog off. She found Lil pinned under the collapsed floor of the coop, another saving grace. When we were cleaning her wounds, we found hat her eyes were full of sticky brown pus. We put Neosporin on her wounds and bald patches with a Q-tip and put her in a dog crate lined with shredded paper. We cannot get her to drink any water, and we think that part of her beak may be broken, though she is able to move it a bit. I would appreciate any advice on how to treat Lil and any prayers. The patron saint of chickens is St. Brigid of Ireland, if you wanted to pray to her.
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    Believe it or not. about the best thing you can put on and in her is pure sugar. coat the wounds with it. and get a teaspoon of it in her. a couple drops of clorox in her drinking water won't hurt a thing either. ( Old cockfighters trick I learned about some time back that works like a top )
    A syringe without a needle works great for shooting a sugar solution down their neck :)
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    poor hen. i hope she makes she makes it

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