1. Came home yesterday evening to find one of my bantam cochin babie (2 months old) huddled by the gate into the courtyard in front of the pens. She had had the skin on the side of her neck ripped off. At least it was clean with nothing hanging...and there was no bleeding. She looks like a turken from that side!! It's all the way down to her breast.

    Into a small cage in the house...electrolytes and aspirin added to water...poly-vi-sol drops...boiled egg...lots of TLC and cuddling. She seems to be doing well at this point.

    We absolutely cannot figure out how she got out of her pen...whether she flew out of a 5 inch opening between the roof and the top board of her condo...or if a predator came into her pen the same way and pulled her out???? The door was closed and locked and there is absolutely no other way out of the pen. Also, one of the bantam cochin roos was out of his pen which is next to hers. He was in the barn when we got home, just hanging out. Not even a ruffled feather. The wire between their pens doesn't go all the way to the roof. Our ONLY thought was that something came into her pen (she has 5 roommates...4 LF cochin babies, also 2 months old but twice her size and a bantam cochin hen just a bit larger than she is...none injured or missing) and the roo came over the fen to try to defend her. However, that would mean that they BOTH had to have gone out of that 5 inch opening at the top. It is baffling...we'll never know for sure.

    Thanks for everyones input on this board over the past months. I knew exactly what to do!!
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  2. injunjoe

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    I hope your baby heals well.

    Good luck!
  3. chickenzoo

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    Hope she heals fast for you. If I get a chance to head that way I'd like to get a couple of your little gals when you have some for sale again. I have a couple of really lonely little boys. [​IMG]
  4. Daycare Mom

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    Hope she get better soon. It sounds like you are doing everything you can for her.
  5. Quote:Sounds good. Do you want bantams? I have 4 lovely LF gold-laced cochins and 1 splash that are a little over 2 months olds. I want to keep 1 pullet and 1 roo from the gold-lace...all the others are for sale. I'm not advertising them though. We are staying with bantam cochins except for the 2 LF gold-laced....and a few silkies.
  6. chickenzoo

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    Yep, I was looking for some bantam girls...
  7. Looks like this little pullet is now having a small amount of bloody stool. Her vent looks clean, there are no puncture marks anywhere. She is still getting medicated starter. Otherwise, eating and drinking.

    Any ideas??

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