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  1. So I was feeding the young chickens as I do everyday and one of my Sumatras (I'm assuming cockerel?) started attacking my leg! He was bumping his chest on my shin, kicking with his legs, flapping his wings & pecking. I pushed him aside & sprinkled some feed on the ground, thinking he'd move away...which he did. Then, I reached down to flip over the food dish so I could fill it & he came out of the flock & attacked my hand, karate-chopping it, clawing & pecked/drew blood on the back of it. He did it so quickly, I couldn't stop him & then he melted back into the flock and blended in with the others! [​IMG] I've never had a mean rooster before and I've decided it's not very fun! I don't want to cull him but I may have to...I don't want to pass along those genetics. The worst part is that I'm not 100% that each attack was two separate roos, either...
  2. Does anyone else have a mean Sumatra like that? My future coop plans include a small coop that I would be able to feed/water in w/o going in there & risking my life. [​IMG] But I just thought I'd see what others have or haven't experienced with mean roos...
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    I never had a Sumatra, but I did have an Ameraucana, hand raised, and usually very friendly suddenly bite my DH and myself out of the blue. Then, he flogged me with his adolescent spurs. I sold him as a breeder, with full disclosure of what he'd done. He was good for about a year, then he flogged his next owner. Honestly, in my opinion, life's too short to keep a mean rooster and have to watch your back all the time. With my others, I feel completely relaxed and safe. There are plenty of great ones out there without wasting time on a flogger. Ninja roos make good stews, I always say.
  4. [​IMG] The Ninja roos comment is funny! Yeah...I did build up my sumatras from two different breeders, I'm not sure which line is the mean one? Sighs. I'm hoping it was a fluke thing, but I don't think so. Unfortuately, I'd only get about 2lbs of meat off it if I butchered it now...I may try to sell him on Craigslist (or here) with the full disclosure that he's mean one!
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    You need to give him a good smack up side his head so he understands that YOU are boss not him. My roo gives me the stink eye all the time. I have only had to yell at him and it seemed to work, but I know a co-worker that had to drop kick the bugger before he got it.
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    He is doing his job as protector-every time you come in again bring an object which is strange to him, and make sure he sees it! Doesn't matter what-book, pan, rolling pin. He'll be perplexed and give you a wide berth. There are no bad roosters just humans in their way!
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    He's just protecting...I wouldn't cull him. When you do find out which one it was, tag his ankle right away with a tie strap and then I'd post him on craigslist. I've had a plenty of roos that I consdered, "aggressive" or just plain mean, and others have taken them and they have no problems with them. I get e-mails from several of them showing me pics and giving me updates. I will tell you that I had this happen with my RIR roo once...he actually drew blood and I was for sure he was a goner...but then he mellowed out and runs up to me to let me hold him and eats right out of my hand. You may want to try offering him treats(cut grapes,etc.)--You'll want to squat down when you do this as if you are hovering over him, he'll feel threatened. Squat down and just extend your hand out slowly, hand flat. He may have just been having a bad day...or maybe just needs to find a new home! Good luck! [​IMG]
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    Can the little roos hurt you as bad as the big ones?
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    attacking you isnt genetics,, its attitude, you dont get a aggressive baby from an aggressive roo.
    what would you do if a puppy growled at you? you teach it NOT to,,, same with a roo. i have FINALLY got this through to my wifers,, for almost 2 years my BIG leghorn has gone after her,,, 3 days ago she started doing what i told her too in the first place,, and guess what she can do now,,,YUP,, walk right in and have NO problems with him.
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    You need to tell him off! We have a no-holds barred rule on roos when they act up. Yell, kick, throw things, chase, have a tantrum! You have to let the roo know you are large and in charge.

    You might be able to straighten him out, but if you can't, I'd think about rehoming him. I've only had to tell my rooster off big one time, but he's gone after other people since then. I agree with the poster who mentioned carrying a weapon with you. Roos tend to listen if you carry a big stick.

    When you are in the coop, it's okay to chase him off occasionally, push him away from you, chase him now and then. It is "rooster talk", and it cements that you are the boss still.

    Good luck!

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