Attacking Rooster had to go

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    I have been dealing with my 7 month old Leghorn for about a month now. He has been attacking everyone in our family when we are outside in the yard. He does not harm to us. He tries kicking at us and jumping (his spurs haven't come in yet, so his kicking doesn't hurt). I've been working with him trying to calm him down by holding him everyday. I got some great advice from BYC members.

    Over the weekend, a man pulled into my drive and told me the my roo attacked his wife. She tripped and fell in the cemetary next to us and she turned and there was the rooster. He attacked her. She did not get hurt just a couple of scratches. The man said she has back problems but did not get hurt. He said "There's no lawsuit or anything, just wanted to let you know about your rooster". We gave it away to someone down the street (which is 2 miles away).

    Anyone ever heard of being sued from a rooster attack? We're going to miss the little fellow.[​IMG]

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    Quote:He'll attack folks down the road too.

    It's always best to say good bye to a roo like that. I had to do that to a WCBlue Polish. If I turned my head or back, he was attacking.
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    Yes, I can totally see someone being sued over a rooster. Once his spurs come in, the woman was on the ground, so her face was vunerable. Or even worse, think what he could do to a child.

    It's best he's gone.

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