Attacking rooster!


7 Years
Sep 17, 2012
Ozark, MO
My problem is that my Americana rooster is attacking me. My avatar is a picture of him. Isn't he beautiful?

When I was a small child my grandmother's rooster would chase us kids. I got tired of it and would chase him until I caught him. So, I have an ingrained fear of my rooster coming after me but I don't let him bully me. A few days ago he flew at me like you see on tv in cock fights. Up in the air with his feet coming at me and his feathers all fluffed out.

Now, I am much older than when my grandmother's rooster chased us and too fat to chase and catch my rooster but I have thrown mud clods in his direction and accidently hit him once. He has come close enough and challenged me that I could slap his beak with my hand.

When he runs up behind me I will turn and try to stare him down but I can't stand around all day. And he has gotten to the point that even though I am facing him down, he will still try to come at me.

I have tried to catch and hold him until I feel he is calmed down. Ignoring him doesn't work but I can't have someone following me all the time I am outside. I am most afraid of him flying at the back of my head or the area between my shoulder blades.

Day before yesterday I took a flyswatter out with me. When he charged me I slapped my pant leg with the swatter but after a few times when he realized that the noise wasn't hurting him, he charged closer to me. I finally swatted at his face and he still came at me. Then I hit him with it, several times when he kept coming at me. Suddenly, I notice red flecks on his neck feathers. Getting a better look I saw they were blood. I am very upset with myself, apparently I made his comb bleed.

What can I do about this stinker? I don't want to kill or rehome him. Please can anyone make any suggestions?

Is it possible to put diluted vinegar in a spray bottle to spray in his face? Would that work? Sylvia
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