Attention everyone who ordered free seeds from me


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May 8, 2008
Sharpsburg, MD.
They are out.

Some of the basil and oregano seeds are still in the dried blooms. ...some are loose in the baggy.. you'll have to carefully take apart the blooms to extract more seeds. I would have done them all but I had to send out 20 sets of everything

The white pumpkins may not be completely dried out. I stuffed some paper towel in the baggies with them but you'll have to take them out and either plant them or leave them on the counter for a couple days to continue drying.

To those that are receiving zinnias, I packed the baggies as full as I could and there are a lot of dried petals that made their way in there but there are also PLENTY of seeds. What I do is plant the whole mess then move the sprouts to be better spaced. They need well-cultivated earth... can be cruddy soil ...just has to be tilled up. Spread seeds then barely cover with soil then water... sprouts in about a week.

Herbs -barely cover with soil and keep moist.

Pumpkins- sow after last frost in a mound of dirt and water

Good Gardening to you all this season and may your earth be fruitful
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Jan 30, 2007
I've been meaning to tell you to Msbear that I received my seeds the very next day! Can't wait to plant! Thank you!!

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