ATTENTION: FLORIDIANS!!! I'm living in Fort Lauderdale, looking to move further north and/or west in

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    Jul 17, 2010
    I'm tired of the rat race in Fort Lauderdale and want to take my roosters to a quieter, less populated area.

    The roosters live, right now, at a Farmer's Market which is a renovated nursery. There are lots of rescue animals there. The place has just gotten so noisy with a new dance studio across the street and a new outdoor restaurant that has bands playing on the weekend.

    Their coop areas may be cut in half as the market is getting renovated.

    I've googled my butt off trying to find areas in Florida that allow roosters.

    I can't afford to buy property right now. So I am looking to rent somewhere near a farm or farm-type atmostphere which I can keep my roosters nearby. Right now I'm very lucky, I live about 3 minutes from where they live.

    I clean and maintain their coops now and have no problem spending my money on renovations, security etc. for their new home.

    My roosters are Buff, Lucky and B.J. My Barred Rock Mookie passed away.

    Customers at the Market are amazed when they see me holding one of my roosters. They are floored when they see the rooster lay its head on my chest or arm and shut its eyes to nap!

    I've let some of the customers pet them and they were just in utter awe that they were petting a rooster. Roosters don't deserve the bad rap and treatment they get. You just have to understand how their mind operates.

    So my roosters are definitely a conversation piece at the Market.

    This photo of me holding Lucky was chosen for a 2012 Chicken Rescue Calendar!


    I will add more photos of my roosters soon.

    So if anyone can lead me down the garden, make that farm path, I would greatly appreciate it.

    I really believe I've found my calling and care about and spoil these roosters as if they were "normal" pets like cats and dogs. They just love their live meal worms flown in from Oregon every month.

    I keep hoping to win the lottery so I can start up a Rooster Rescue Sanctuary. I can't imagine my life without my roosters in it!

    Anyway, any help, guidance, etc. would be sooooooo greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance,

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    Jan 21, 2012
    outside of kisseme/orlando as you head east on 192 towards melbourne is pretty nice and very rural. I'm not sure on they poultry laws but i live in Palm Bay(city) and they are very lenient. That area would be your best bet
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    Feb 11, 2012
    Coolidge Georgia
    i moved to south georgia 15 Y.O. to get out of orlando.....bought my acres at $975 per acre. and i love it. i would look in the panhandle....1/4 of the price of S. florida....
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    Welcome, checkout the Florida thread and ask on it. Lots of very helpful people on it.

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    Hi Michael! How wonderful of you to take in those roosters! I hear you about the rat race, as I too, live in Pompano Beach, have all my life! I hope you find a nice place to take your birds. Love your pic, its great!!! Keep up the good work you're doing!! [​IMG]
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    Howdy from Austin, Texas.
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    Jun 2, 2011
    Snyder County, PA

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