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Jun 11, 2008
Humboldt/West TN
I love going to meet new poultry keepers at swap meets but rarely ever have the chance to find any in central west tn. So with this said, would any of ya'll be interested in having one and know where we could put one together.
Would there be anyone inerested and whats ya'lls thoughts?
We need to have one....I can't find any either!
I think we should do it near Land Between the Lakes on the border of KY/TN and call it the Kentuck-essee Kluck Fest! (sorry that just came to me all of a sudden!)
I don't care where we have it, but we need to plan one. I would be willing to help with it.

Anyone else?

That does sound interesting. I have no experience,but would love to attend. What would be the center of W.Tn? Somewhere around Milan,maybe? They have a big Ag Center and I think that is where they have the NO Till conventions. I wonder if they would sponsor a poultry show?
Would everyone be in agreement to have CatCobb check on the Milan Center? I'm thinking that should be within an hour or so drive for anyone in W. Tn and even some in Kentucky.
Sounds great, they are also having a pretty cool event there on Oct 18.

Fall Folklore Jamboree
On Saturday, October 18, more than 100 traditional folk artists, musicians and demonstrators will cover the grounds of the West Tennessee Agricultural Museum for the 2008 Fall Folklore Jamboree. The artisans will demonstrate skills in traditional crafts such as broom and soap making, quilting, and doll making. Local bluegrass and gospel groups will fill the air with music throughout the day, and demonstrations of chuckwagon cooking, as well as molasses, apple cider and kettlecorn making will tempt visitors’ taste buds. The Fall Folklore Jamboree begins at 9:00 a.m.

Here is the flyer for it...


This would be a good preview of the location. I am going to be there. I love that stuff and I am just about 7 miles down the road from there.

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would milan be a problem for anyone? Would this festival be to soon? Would anyone be about to pull any strings to get us in it? I could call and get info if everyone is interested and agrees this location is ok. I understand fuel and economy is stressed right now so i want to make it workable for as many as possible.
Thanks for replies

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