Attila The Hen passed away.....So sad :(


9 Years
Feb 22, 2010
Well, my sweet, all knowing, Attila the Hen Passed away sometime in the night. I just buried her. She was the Mother Hen to the flock and came down with an infection in her leg joint over a week ago. I followed everything the vet said to do and her wound appeared to being healing just fine. She was about 7 y.o.

I knew before I even approached the Chicken Hospital that she was gone. She always made her morning noises when she heard me coming. She will be missed.
Thanks for listening.
Thanks, so much! Tears are just rolling as I type this. I know she was a chicken but was she ever a GREAT chicken. Her eyes always had the most knowing and gentle expression. SHe was a big girl , too, she was 10 lbs before she sustained this infection. I had nursed her back to health two years ago from a Jack Russell, attack. Her buddies, Frank the rooster and Dolly are the only one left from the origanal group that was attacked. Yes. I will miss her dearly. Thanks again.
Of course you are crying. You lost a friend. I know people that laugh when I cry about something happening to any of my animals. But I don't care. We take care of them, feed, water, clean up after them, protect them and love them. They are part of your family. I am so sorry again.
So sorry to hear of your hen dying
7 years is a long time to grow attached to a pet

I love the name, Attila the Hen
We just got four young pullets on Sunday - so its been less than one week. I can see how the attachment forms quickly though, they are such sweet critters!
Thanks again...Attila the Hen was a rescue.....her first owner lost her job, her home, her was a bad time for her. I've had Attlia for two years. Still a long time and so enjoyed her. Attila was featured in a childrens book, the Bed and Bisket Gang....She was nothing like her character but none the less it's a sweet storey and she left a legacy from the book.
You all are so great! God bless each and everyone of you!

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