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Jun 25, 2011
Milner, Georgia
Of the chickens I bought, all pullets except the rooster, I have 3 BO, 2 RIR, 1 Golden Laced Wyandotte, 1 black Sexlink and the GLW rooster. All 4 breeds have different attutide or personalities. The BO of friendly and pretty much laid back. The RIR are a little bossy but not to bad. The GLW pullet is a lot like the BO's. The BSL is crazy. Reminds me of the White Leghorns. Flighty and run from anything. Always sqawking and fussing about most everything. I'm going to get another BO this morning.

Anybody else care to comment on theirs?


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Nov 9, 2007
SW Arkansas
My brahmas have always been sweethearts, right from the start.

My turkens started out friendly and most of them still are, but there's two of them that aren't real friendly. One of my younger turken pullets, hatched by a SF broody, is an absolute spaz. If she even thinks I'm coming anywhere close to her she freaks and upsets the whole coop. I've even considered culling her because she is so flighty.

I am not a fan of SFs. I only have one left and I have given up making friends with her.

My speckled sussex are pretty sweet birds.

I have a couple of trahmas - turken/brahma crosses. Nice birds with the calm attitude of the brahma.

Had two easter eggers. Lost my favorite of the two last week I think it was. The other is just okay.

Have two silkies that are nice, but not super friendly the way they are said to be.

Love, love, LOVE my polish. The cockerel is standoff-ish (which is fine by me; I prefer roos that aren't overly friendly). The pullet is my little buddy, follows me everywhere.

I have four beautiful sex links, two are very friendly calm birds, the other two are not.

Finally, my surprise minorca. She was supposed to be a sex link. Very pretty, very curious bird. We are working on building a friendship.

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